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 An advertising campaign focusing on brining awareness to Alzheimer’s.

An open brief where I focused on an emotive approach toward the effects of Alzheimer’s through extensive research. I discovered that patients often use Post-It Notes to aid in navigating their home. By using the idea of Post-It Notes to communicate my message, I essentially tell the story of an everyday life of a sufferer, caretaker and loved one. 

The campaign consists of five posters to be displayed in public areas, featuring the post it notes in a range of compositions and handwritings. They will remind the audience of everyday chores such as taking out the trash and then go into a more heavier topic, about them forgetting who they are, as a symbolism of how Alzheimer’s works as it begins with forgetting the little things.

This assignment was close to my heart as my grandfather sadly passed away because of Alzheimer’s.

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